Hosting Options

Each hosting plan we offer is selected based upon strict criteria:

Reliability. Scalability. Minimum standards for maintaining geo redundant datacenters. Certified compliance with data security standards. Guaranteed levels of performance (in some cases financially-backed). Corporate reputation. Optimized pricing.

We select a plan for you based upon:

  • The potential size of your visitor population
  • The type of content you will be hosting
  • The expected level of scaling required
  • The geographic distribution of your visitor population
  • The level of reliability your require
  • The level of security your require
  • The required availability of your content
  • Your anticipated database requirements
  • Your requirements for web applications
  • Your current and future usage of mobile device applications
  • Your budgetary requirements


You are also welcome to use your existing host or self-host.

However, we cannot guarantee that your host will meet any of the above standards.

And we know you won’t be able to self-host to these standards unless you’re planning to open at least three datacenters and hire a minimum of 200 engineers.